two sets 4M3 model self loading concrete mixer test


Two sets 4 M3 model self loading concrete mixer test loading sand,stond,cement and pump water in Qingzhou Hongyuan Vehicles Co.,Ltd with old tyres.

Self loading concrete mixer production progress :

1:Automatic cutting with a plasma automatic cutting machine according to the program.2:The cut iron plate is processed by a CNC lathe.

3:Tooling welding:4:Shot blasting machine overall shot blasting.:5:Paint room paint.:6:Single piece installation.:7:Test 2 days, test speed, grade, water pump, loading, unloading, rotating, cleaning, etc. 7 jobs.:8:Replace the new tires, secondary quality supervision, and delivery.

To make sure self loading concrete mixer with 7 functions of concrete factory,loading,weighting,pumping,mixing,transporting,output and washing,It can product concrete independently and efficiently in remote areas.

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